• fox tea infuser with mesh ball on a cute Alice in wonderland theme mug

How it all began

My art and my work have always been defined through a delicate struggle — one of balancing the rigor and structure of math with the emotion and aesthetic of fine art. In creating the pieces you find here, I have endeavored to carefully navigate this balance. 

Working from my home studio in San Francisco, California, I have found a love for producing elegant wood pieces with a laser. The laser has become my preferred tool with which to explore my expression. A laser is on the surface unforgivingly precise, defining structures only microns in size; but when coupled with software algorithms that can grow and evolve this highly defined result takes on an organic feel.

One of the great discoveries I have made along the way in my creations is that of my tea collection. It started with Rawr, a friendly dinosaur designed to sit on the side of a pot. Through a bit of development and tuning, Rawr found himself holding the tea ball for my morning cup of tea. The notoriety he has received has caused me to explore my own love for animals, all of which you will now find in my online shop.